Show Features

Make the most of your time at Grow West Coast Horticulture Trade Show, and plan your day so you don’t miss any of our exciting features!


Grow West Coast features an extensive education program, including:

  • 60-90 Minute Seminars
  • Half-day Workshops
  • Half-day Symposiums
  • Outdoor Demo Zone
  • Outdoor Safety Zone

Registration will open Monday, August 15th, 2022!


Maximize your product exposure and expand your company’s reach for only $250 per product!
Check out the latest and unique plants, supplies, and equipment to hit the BC marketplace.

The full lineup will be posted online prior to the show.



Wednesday, September 14, 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Join us at The Outdoor Lounge for the Opening Night Tailgate Party and Awards Ceremony, celebrating another long-awaited year of in-person networking. Enjoy a new signature cocktail, and enjoy the sweet sounds of live music while you share a few cheers to the past year and for what’s to come.


Sponsored by green theory 

A feature so fresh, you’ll have a tough time keeping it together. Greenhouses, growers, landscapers, florists, and influencers align to compete against one another in a unique and friendly battle of the best in horticulture design. Utilizing an array of modular planters, the participants will create and style a one-of-a-kind, ornate oasis of greens and colours, bringing CONTAINED to life.


sponsored by inline nurseries, horta-craft and supported by cnla

Think you’ve got what it takes to identify multiple species of plants from memory? Test your horticulture knowledge at The Plant ID Feature, follow the steps to complete the task and be entered into the prize draw for your chance to win!


supported by invasive species council of bc, the british columbia ministry of agriculture and health canada 

The creepies and crawlies that help your plants or hinder your crops! Learn how to identify multiple species of bugs, native to our climates and zones, and how best to deal with those that you don’t need. Step aside, pesticides – we’ll take the all natural route!