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Terry Betts, Advantage Fleet Services

Terry has been working with Advantage Fleet Services since 2007. His experience working for the RCMP as an operational police officer, tasked with traffic law enforcement and crash investigation, exposed him to the day-to-day situations that occur on the roads. Terry brings his expertise to Advantage Fleet Services Inc., a company dedicated to helping organizations address driving issues. They assist clients in managing their fleet while reducing or eliminating vehicle incidents.


Truck & Trailer Safety Demo


Hauling a trailer full of equipment can be challenging, and when you add the stress of getting to a job on time, carelessness can take over. Keep your crew and yourself safe on the roads and avoid any serious business liability issues. This session will cover the key safety checks you need to perform before towing a trailer, including proper load placement, hitch set up, calculating how much weight a truck can tow, licensing requirements, and the importance of due diligence.

Date & Time(s)

11:00am - 12:00pm, Wednesday September 14, 2022


Free Event