Manage Your Stress to Manage Your Business

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Wendy Bennett, AgSafe

Wendy Bennett is the Executive Director for AgSafe and has been a Health and Safety Professional for more than 25 years.  She teaches with the University of Fredericton and with BCIT.  She serves as a Director on two Boards whose organizations’ focus is Agricultural Safety and Health both nationally and internationally.  Wendy believes incorporating safety into daily operations is the key to reducing injuries and illness.  Ensuring agriculture producers have the resources they need to ensure a safe and healthy working environment has been her goal since joining AgSafe.  She hopes to continue leading change in the industry in BC toward the goal of Agriculture in BC free from injury, illness, and death.  


Manage Your Stress to Manage Your Business

Good business management means making good decisions and taking the right actions to ensure a positive bottom line.  A bad decision or a series of bad decisions can have a significant impact on your business and may make the difference between growth or shutting the doors.  Unmanaged stress can have a major impact on your ability to sleep, to concentrate, to communicate and to work through tough decisions.  It can lead to anxiety, depression, and several other mental health issues.  This workshop will help you recognize when stress is impacting your business decisions and how to support your mental wellness to reduce the chance of closing the doors to your business.  

Date & Time(s)

9:00am - 10:30am, Thursday September 15, 2022


Member Early Bird: $95.00

Non Member Early Bird: $110.00

Member Regular: $110.00

Non Member Regular: $135.00

Early bird seminar rates will available until Friday, September 2nd.