Beware of Common Trade Show Attendee Scams

Don’t Be Fooled by Trade Show Scams and Scammers

Leading up to the trade show, you may receive seemingly legitimate offers daily, offering attendee lists, hotel and travel discounts and transportation services. These are scams and have become a common practice within the world of trade shows. Here are the two most common scams show attendees should be aware of:

Third Party Registration Services
A company by the name of 10Times Registration has tried to sell trade show passes and seminar tickets through their website. They make it appear they are acting on behalf of Grow West Coast or CanWest. 10Times is simply taking your credit card info and processing a payment that they will pocket. Grow West Coast works exclusively through an online registration site that is designed by Microspec.

False Hotel Reservations
Third-party scams will contact you via phone or email and claim to represent a hotel that is being used by Grow West Coast. DO NOT BOOK A HOTEL ROOM THROUGH ANYONE WHO CALLS YOU.
The preferred hotel will be shared on our website within 6 months of the trade show for booking.

Protect Your Company from Trade Show Scams

If you are ever unsure whether communications have come from BCLNA/Grow West Coast, please do not hesitate to check with us. We can verify in seconds if it is legitimate or not. We only work with trusted partners. BCLNA has a policy to not share the attendee list and we never forward your details to third parties.

You can help stop these scammers by reporting any suspicious activities so we can advise other attendees. And remember, never provide financial information to any company you deem suspicious.